Alessia Melcangi

Alessia Melcangi is TT Assistant Professor of Contemporary History of North Africa and Middle East and Globalization and International Relation at Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Social Sciences and Economics (DiSSE). She collaborates with the Centre of Research on the Southern System and the Wider Mediterranean (CRiSSMA – Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan)and she is member of the scientific committee of ReaCT – Osservatorio sul Radicalismo e il Contrasto al Terrorismo and of CIPMO – Centro Italiano per la Pace in Medio Oriente.

Her researches are mainly focused on the Contemporary history of North Africa; geopolitics and international relations in the Euro-Mediterranean area; ethno-religious minorities (in particular the Copts and the Berbers); identity dynamics and dynamics of polarization in the contemporary Middle East; political and social issues in contemporary Egypt and Libya. Regarding these issues she has published several monographs, peer review articles in Italian or international Journals, papers in edited works and policy papers. Her last monographs are: Melcangi A.,Statualità e minoranze: meccanismi di resistenza e integrazione in Medio Oriente. Il caso dei cristiani copti in Egitto (Ledizioni, Milano 2018);Melcangi A.,I copti nell’Egitto di Nasser. Tra politica e religione (1952-1970) (Carocci, Roma 2017).She also has co-edited the volume North African Societies After the Arab Spring: Between Democracy and Islamic Awakening (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne 2016).


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