Egypt: why protests against al-Sisi

Source: Italian Institute for International Political Studies

Author(s): Alessia Melcangi

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From his voluntary Spanish exile he had launched the appeal to gather a million people in protest, “the million man march”, Muhammad ‘Ali , the entrepreneur and businessman who in the past weeks has challenged the regime of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi denouncing the corruption of which the Egyptian power establishment would be smudged. However, this Friday was a small event, much lower than the first exploded on Friday 20 September, in a completely unexpected and sudden way . In fact, the number of almost 2 thousand arrests weighs on the heads of the hundreds who challenged the al-Sisi regime’s controls (according to estimatesof Egyptian human rights organizations) carried out by the Egyptian police since the outbreak of the first riots. And the main cities – Cairo, Suez, Port Said, Alexandria – seem to be barricaded, guarded militarily by checkpoints and police trucks that physically prevent access to the downtown areas. 

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