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The Middle East Policy Platform was created in 2018 by a small group of researchers and intellectuals in North America and the Middle East. MEPP is an online repository of research, media analysis, investigative reports, experts’ opinions and policy papers on the developments in the region, post the Arab Spring. MEPP monitors, analyzes and promotes online important research and policy papers about the Arab world.



Zajel Institute for Justice and Liberty is a non-profit and non-partisan organization which provides space for dialogue and a network of support for the Arab diaspora who whether voluntarily or by force left their homes in the Arab world. The diaspora includes activists, journalists, thinkers, writers, artists, and politicians. https://zajelinstitute.org/

In late 2018, Zajel Institute for Justice and Liberty was approached to take on the platform. Zajel Institute is now pleased to announce its acceptance and that, going forward, it will own and operate MEPP. MEPP is now one of several projects that Zajel Institute runs. Zajel Institute hopes to build on this project and contribute further to policy research on Egypt and the Middle East.

Zajel Institute can be reached at contact@zajelinstitute.org


The Middle East Policy Platform (MEPP) is an online repository of English research, media analysis, investigative reports, experts opinions and policy papers on the developments in the region, post the Arab Spring. MEPP will present a panoramic view of analysis by experts from established international think tanks around the developments in the region. Bringing this research together into one place provides a comprehensive view beyond what a single think tank or researcher can do independently. This approach also highlights the trends and areas of interest of the international research community as it evolves with time.

MEPP hopes not only to be a platform where research from different sources is shared, but also a space for active commentary, analysis and opinion around the bigger picture of the situation in the Middle East. MEPP recognizes that Egypt has a special weight and is considered a linchpin to the changes in the region. Therefore, MEPP is launching with a special focus on research and analysis focusing on Egypt since 2015. It will expand in the near future to cover more countries in the Middle East.



MEPP was created to provide easier access to research and analysis for academics, analysts, journalists, and policy makers on the Middle East and pave the way for them to make more informed decisions. MEPP was founded after discovering that post-revolution Middle East has been saturated by research and diverse point of views with limited ability to identify the spectrum of opinions on economy, development, culture, politics, democracy, human rights, security and counter-terrorism. As an exclusive platform for consolidated and aggregated information, MEPP provides comprehensive and objective analysis on content created by credible institutions focusing on the Middle East.



The Platform’s logo and branding are based on the relationship that it has with content, and aims to present the Middle East as a complex blend of cultures, histories, languages and religions at the crossroads of the world. The logo represents the complex interwoven mix of cultures and histories and can also be interpreted as a compass pointing to the four different directions of influence (Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa).


We would love to hear your feedback! Email us at info@me-policy.org

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