Ziya Meral

Dr Ziya Meral is a British and Turkish researcher. He specialises on politics and foreign policies of Turkey and Middle East, thematic issues surrounding interaction of religion with global affairs, and British defence and security. He is a Senior Resident Fellow at the Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research – a civilian and military think tank...

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Will the Page Turn on Turkish-Egyptian Relations?

Source: Carnegie Author(s): H. A. HELLYER, ZIYA MERAL Original Link: https://carnegieendowment.org/2021/03/19/will-page-turn-on-turkish-egyptian-relations-pub-84124 Relations have long been complicated between Egypt and Turkey: two powerful countries who share lively economic links and queasy political relations. But recently Ankara has been edging toward a rapprochement. What’s going on? Read...

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