Hani Hodaib

Hani Hodaib is a doctor who has worked in Egypt and abroad, with long experience serving rural communities. He currently serves as the head of the National AIDS Program in Fayoum, and has worked with a number of U.N. and W.H.O. programs in Egypt. In addition, Hodaib is a founding member of the Egyptian Social

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The Struggle in the Egyptian Medical Syndicate

Source: The Tahrir Institute For Middle East Policy Author(s): Hani Hodaib Original Link: https://timep.org/commentary/struggle-in-egyptian-medical-syndicate/ Editor’s Note: On January 28 of this year, an incident at Matariya Teaching Hospital sparked a conflict between the Egyptian Medical Syndicate and the Egyptian Ministry of the Interior that is still ongoing. Doctors—complaining of police...

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