Habiba Abdelaal

Habiba Abdelaal is a graduate student studying public administration and non-profit management, focusing on women, gender, and sexuality studies. She also works as a graduate researcher for Ohio University’s Women’s Center and has volunteered and worked in many NGOs, civic initiatives, and social institutions in Egypt, across the MENA region, and the United States.

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Women on the Frontline: The Anti-Sexual Violence Movement in Egypt Ten Years After the Revolution

Source: The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy Author(s): Habiba Abdelaal Original Link: https://timep.org/commentary/analysis/women-on-the-frontline-the-anti-sexual-violence-movement-in-egypt-ten-years-after-the-revolution/ Ten years after the revolution, Egyptian women are still raising their voices against sexual assaults and harassment, especially over social media platforms. This...

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