Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood After the Arab Uprisings

Source: Carnegie Author(s): Tamer Badawi and Osama Al-Sayyad Original Link: Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, despite falling on opposite sides of the Middle East’s Sunni-Shia divide, both see benefits in cultivating ties. For Iran, outreach to the Brotherhood, particularly the...

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Hosni Mubarak Was Overthrown Eight Years Ago. Should Egypt Miss Him?

Source: Carnegie Author(s): Michael Young, Sherif Mohy El Deen, Dina al-Khawaga, andTamer Badawi Original Link: Dina al-Khawaga Eight years after Hosni Mubarak’s departure, I am inclined to think that most Egyptians miss the days of the former president’s rule. This does not mean that a majority favors his return as president, nor does it

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Tamer Badawi

Tamer Badawi is a research fellow at the Istanbul-based Al-Sharq Forum, where he specializes in the political economy of the Middle East with a focus on Iran. He contributes articles to Aljazeera Arabic, among other media outlets in the region. He received an M.A. in International Relations from Central European University and a B.A. in Oriental Languages from Alexandria

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