Policy and Institutional Responses to COVID-19 in the Middle East and North Africa: Egypt

Source: Brookings Author(s): Robert P. Beschel Jr. Original Link: https://www.brookings.edu/research/policy-and-institutional-responses-to-covid-19-in-the-middle-east-and-north-africa-egypt/ The Egyptian government implemented a nationwide lockdown and social distancing measures to control the spread of COVID-19 starting in March 2020. The highest levels of the central government were...

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Robert P. Beschel Jr.

Robert P. Beschel Jr. is currently a nonresident senior fellow with the Brookings Doha Center, where his research interests concentrate on governance and public sector reform throughout the Middle East and North Africa region.  He is helping to oversee the Center’s work on the policy and institutional responses to Covid-19. Previously Beschel served as Chair of

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