Has the government finally found a mechanism to seize Brotherhood assets?

Source: MadaMasr Author(s): Mohamed Hamama and Rania al-Abd Original Link: https://www.madamasr.com/en/2018/04/25/feature/politics/has-the-government-finally-found-a-mechanism-to-seize-brotherhood-assets/ The Law to Regulate the Procedures for the Seizure, Enumeration, Management and Disposal of the Assets of Terrorist Organizations and Individuals was ratified by President Abdel Fattah...

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Parliament in haste to approve cybercrime bill: Ambiguous provisions, loose definitions, legalized web censorship

Source: MadaMasr Author(s): Rana Mamdouh, Rania al-Abd Original Link: https://www.madamasr.com/en/2018/03/14/feature/politics/parliament-in-haste-to-approve-cybercrime-bill-ambiguous-provisions-loose-definitions-legalized-web-censorship/ In a whirlwind Tuesday meeting attended by a bevy of state officials, 14 articles of the cybercrime prevention bill were approved by Parliament’s...

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