Has the government finally found a mechanism to seize Brotherhood assets?

Source: MadaMasr

Author(s): Mohamed Hamama and Rania al-Abd

Original Link: https://www.madamasr.com/en/2018/04/25/feature/politics/has-the-government-finally-found-a-mechanism-to-seize-brotherhood-assets/

The Law to Regulate the Procedures for the Seizure, Enumeration, Management and Disposal of the Assets of Terrorist Organizations and Individuals was ratified by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, and published in the Saturday release of the Official Gazette, which was published on Sunday morning. Initially a government draft, the bill — now Law 22/2018 — was passed by Parliament on Tuesday, April 17.

The immediate backstory to this piece of legislation only tells a partial story, however. Situated in a wider context, the new law marks the beginning of a third round in the state’s campaign to seize the assets of the Muslim Brotherhood and other organizations. Two previous attempts to do so were deterred by the State Council and appeals courts, both of which challenged the legitimacy of the committee ordering the seizures.

Under the provisions of the new law, the government can directly confiscate assets for the first time, rather than merely freeze them. This may be the deciding factor in a protracted conflict, a move that shifts the balance in favor of the state.

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