Leslie Campbell

Leslie Campbell has 25 years of experience in international development, parliamentary governance and political affairs. He joined NDI in 1994 and has directed the Institute’s programs in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region since 1996. As NDI’s senior associate and regional director, Mr. Campbell has overseen a vast expansion of NDI’s programs in

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Not Over Yet: Latest Wave of Middle East Protests A Reminder of 2011’s Unmet Demands

Source: POMED – Project on Middle East Democracy Author(s): Leslie Campbell Original Link: https://pomed.org/not-over-yet-latest-wave-of-middle-east-protests-a-reminder-of-2011s-unmet-demands/ Recent images of hundreds of thousands of citizens marching peacefully through Algerian streets demanding the resignation of their autocratic ruler offer an unmistakable and powerful analog to the...

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