New Egyptian proposal for Fatah-Hamas reconciliation that could send Palestinians to polls awaits Abbas approval

Source: Madamasr Author(s): Ahmad Shehada and Thaier Oun Original Link: Egyptian mediation brought tensions between Hamas and Israel down to a suspicious simmer after Gaza was nearly plunged into war at the beginning of November...

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Gaza truce negotiations resume in latest round of Cairo-mediated talks

Source: Madamasr Author(s): Ahmad Shehada Original Link: After a breakdown in mediation efforts last month, a four-day meeting between a Hamas delegation and Egypt’s General Intelligence Service (GIS) officials in Cairo concluded on Wednesday with a proposal to salvage a...

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Palestinian Authority readies new round of sanctions on Gaza as Egyptian mediation breaks down

Source: MadaMasr Author(s): Ahmad Shehada Original Link: The fraught relationship between Hamas and Fatah is set to face another obstacle, as Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas prepares to apply a new round of punitive measures...

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