New Egyptian proposal for Fatah-Hamas reconciliation that could send Palestinians to polls awaits Abbas approval

Source: Madamasr

Author(s): Ahmad Shehada and Thaier Oun

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Egyptian mediation brought tensions between Hamas and Israel down to a suspicious simmer after Gaza was nearly plunged into war at the beginning of November. Now, Cairo has turned its focus toward internal Palestinian reconciliation, hosting Fatah and Hamas delegations in Cairo over the last week to iron out the details of a new deal that could pave the way for elections to form a new national government.

A face-to-face meeting between the delegations is yet to happen, as the two sides have long been at loggerheads on several key issues in the talks. Instead, Egypt’s General Intelligence Service (GIS), the body increasingly handling many of the country’s foreign policy issues, met with Hamas officials for two days last week, before hosting a Fatah delegation led by Palestine Liberation Organization Executive Committee member Ahmad al-Azzam that arrived in Cairo on Sunday.


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