Egypt Charts Its Own Course, Regardless of Patronage

Source: The Tahrir Institute For Middle East Policy
Author(s): Timothy E. Kaldas

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As the Middle East seems ever more embroiled in the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and as world powers continue to jockey for influence, Egypt has often been portrayed in various analyses as beholden to its various supporters. This week Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Cairo and met with Sisi to work toward finalizing a $30 billion deal for Russia to build a nuclear power plant and discuss resuming flights between Cairo and Moscow. The previous week, an announced agreement with Moscow to cooperate on military issues and to allow Russia to establish a military presence in Egypt elicited descriptions of Russia as expanding its influence over the country. These agreements further demonstrate the fact that Egypt has managed to maintain a high degree of autonomy on regional issues despite receiving tens of billions of dollars from Gulf countries and billions more from the United States….

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