Yasser Elnaggar

Ambassador Elnaggar is a MEI non-resident scholar and CEO of EN Investment. Previously, he served as CEO of the Chemical Industries Holding Company (HIHC) and prior to that as Egypt’s Principal Deputy Minister of Planning, Monitoring, and Administrative Reform and Principal Deputy Minister of Investment.  Ambassador Yasser Elnaggar has more than 25 years of experience as a...

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What does COVID-19 mean for Egypt’s economy?

Source: Middle East Institute Author(s): Yasser Elnaggar Original Link: https://www.mei.edu/publications/what-does-covid-19-mean-egypts-economy COVID-19 has disrupted both supply and demand around the world. Egypt is not immune to the recessionary trends caused by the sudden halt in supply chains and the sharp decline in demand, domestically and globally, resulting from the rapid spread of the...

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