Yahia Shawkat

Yahia Shawkat is co-founder and research coordinator of 10 Tooba | Applied Research on the Built Environment, where he focuses on mapping and policy research. Shawkat’s work includes the infographic book, Social Justice and the Built Environment | A Map of Egypt (in Arabic), and the Right to Housing Initiative documentaries. He has also analyzed

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Egypt’s Deregulated Property Market: A Crisis of Affordability

Source: Middle East Institute Author(s): Yahia Shawkat Original Link: http://www.mei.edu/content/at/egypts-deregulated-property-market-crisis-affordability What Egyptians call the azmit al-iskan—the housing crisis—is exemplified by the 1986 movie, Karakon fi-l-Shari‘a, or Prison in the Street. The film depicts a typical middle class family that, evicted from its condemned home, must resort to...

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