Trends and Patterns of Women’s Enterpreneurship in Egypt

Source: Economic Research Forum Author(s): Reham Rizk and Ali Rashed Original Link:   This paper conducts a detailed analysis of the trends and patterns of women’s role in household non-agricultural enterprises in Egypt. The paper uses the Egypt Labor Market Panel Survey (ELMPS)...

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Working Paper- MSEs Informality and Productivity: Evidence From Egypt

Source: Economic Research Forum Author(s): Hala Abou-Ali, Reham Rizk Original Link: Abstract: This paper assesses the impact of informality on household enterprise performance in terms of productivity and size of output. Furthermore, it pinpoints informality determinants with respect to different types of...

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Working Paper- Informality and Socio-Economic Well-Being of Women in Egypt

Source: Economic Research Forum Author(s): Reham Rizk, Hala Abou-Ali Original Link: Abstract: The paper attempts to quantify the impact of informal employment on women’s contribution to the household budget. It further pinpoints the socio-economic factors that affect women’s struggle to meet their...

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