Egypt’s Population: Boom or Bust?

Source: Brookings Author(s): Omer Karasapan and Sajjad Shah Original Link: Egypt’s worrying population boom fails to generate the same headline attention as terrorist attacks, the impact of economic reforms on the poor, the country’s hyper-constrained politics, or accusations of human rights...

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Omer Karasapan

Omer Karasapan is the Middle East and North Africa Region’s Knowledge and Learning Coordinator. Previously he was the Knowledge Coordinator for the PREM Network and has also worked in the World Bank’s Private Sector Development Department, as well as in the Private Participation in Infrastructure Division. Prior to joining the World Bank in 1989, he

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Who are the 5 million refugees and immigrants in Egypt?

Source: Brookings Institute Author(s): Omer Karasapan Original Link: For some time now, Egyptian officials at the highest level have been pointedly underlining a growing refugee and migrant challenge. At the G-20 meeting in September 2016, President Sisi stated that Egypt was...

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