Gone with the wind: The flotation’s impact on Egyptian exports

Source: Madamasr Author(s): Mohamed Ramadan and Sara Seif Eddin Original Link:  https://madamasr.com/en/2019/11/14/feature/economy/gone-with-the-wind-the-flotations-impact-on-egyptian-exports/ When asked how Egypt’s currency flotation boosted exports, Mahmoud Sarag, the chairman of the Leather Export Council put it this way: “We import the buttons. We import the zippers. And then we cheer when...

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Working Paper- How Gender Biased Are Female-Headed Household Transfers in Egypt?

Source: Economic Research Forum Author(s): Lobna AbdelLatif, Mohamed Ramadan, Sarah Elbakry Original Link: http://erf.org.eg/publications/how-gender-biased-are-female-headed-household-transfers-in-egypt/ Abstract: In this paper, we claim that the policy of targeting female-headed households’ (FHHs) may generate bias against women in male-headed households (MHHs) who may be more...

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Working Paper- Public Value Perspective for Gender Budgeting: Evidence from Egypt

Source: Economic Research Forum Author(s): Lobna AbdelLatif, Mohamed Ramadan, Mohamed Zaky Original Link: http://erf.org.eg/publications/public-value-perspective-for-gender-budgeting-evidence-from-egypt/ Abstract: This paper proposes a conceptual framework that relates failure of progressing in gender equality to weakness of budgetary and political institutions. Whereas, the former drift...

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