Q&A – Between a Rock and a Hard Place: How Egypt’s Constitutional Amendments Erode Judicial Independence

Source: POMED – Project on Middle East Democracy Author(s): Mohamed Al Ansary, Mahmoud Farouk, Ahmed Rizk Original Link: https://pomed.org/qa-between-a-rock-and-a-hard-place-how-egypts-constitutional-amendments-erode-judicial-independence/ On February 3, 2019, 155 members of Egypt’s pro-regime parliament, by some accounts working in coordination with security agencies and the...

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Mohamed El-Ansary

MOHAMED AL ANSARY is a lawyer and regional legal researcher with the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies. Mr. Al Ansary holds a diploma in International Law from Cairo University. He has worked for 16 years as a lawyer in various fields, including criminal, labor, and administrative law. He has conducted extensive research on the use

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The Role of the Public Prosecution in Egypt’s Repression

Source: Pomed – Project On Middle East Democracy Author(s): Mohamed El-Ansary Original Link: http://pomed.org/pomed-publications/the-role-of-the-public-prosecution-in-egypts-repression/ Summary: The Office of the Public Prosecution, a powerful entity within the Egyptian judiciary, has been a driving force in the vast crackdown on dissent that has unfolded since the overthrow of President...

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