The new geopolitics of the Middle East: America’s role in a changing region

Source: Brookings Author(s): Jeffrey Feltman, Samantha Gross, Martin Indyk, Kemal Kirişci, Suzanne Maloney, Bruce Riedel, Natan Sachs, Amanda Sloat, Angela Stent, Tamara Cofman Wittes, and Bruce Jones Original Link: DIRECTOR’S SUMMARY The perception of U.S. withdrawal from the Middle...

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Kemal Kirisci

  Kemal Kirişci is the TÜSİAD senior fellow and director of the Center on the United States and Europe‘s Turkey Project at Brookings, with an expertise in Turkish foreign policy and migration studies. Within the project, Kirişci runs the Turkey Project Policy Paper series and frequently writes on the latest developments out of Turkey. His most recent book, “Turkey and the

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