Hanan Nazier

Hanan Nazier is an Egyptian national. At present, Hanan is an Assistant Professor of economics, at the Faculty of Economics and Political science, Cairo University. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Cairo University, a Master’s degree in International Economics from Cairo University, and a Ph.D. in Economics from Cairo University. Her areas of

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Working Paper- Estimating Labor Demand Elasticities and Elasticities of Substitution in Egyptian Manufacturing Sector: A Firm Level Static Analysis

Source: Economic Research Forum Author(s): Hanan Nazier Original Link: http://erf.org.eg/publications/estimating-labor-demand-elasticities-and-elasticities-of-substitution-in-egyptian-manufacturing-sector-a-firm-level-static-analysis/ Abstract: This paper attempts to investigate crucial questions of labor demand related to how firms respond to changes in wages, how this responds to changes...

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Working Paper- Women’s participation in Labor Market in Egypt: Constraints and Opportunities

Source: Economic Research Forum Author(s): Hanan Nazier, Racha Ramadan Original Link: http://erf.org.eg/publications/Womens-participation-in-labor-market-in-egypt-constraints-and-opportunities/ Abstract: This research deals with female labor force participation and its determinants in the Egyptian society using the “Egypt Labor Market Panel Survey” (ELMPS) 2012.  More precisely, the paper...

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Working Paper- Empowerment is a Community Affair: Community Level Determinants of Married Women’s Empowerment in Egypt

Source: Economic Research Forum Author(s): Ragui Assaad, Hanan Nazier, Racha Ramadan Original Link: http://erf.org.eg/publications/empowerment-is-a-community-affair-community-level-determinants-of-married-Womens-empowerment-in-egypt/ Abstract: This paper examines the contextual and community-level determinants of multidimensional women’s empowerment in Egypt, while accounting for the usual...

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