Diaa Noureldin

Diaa Noureldin is assistant professor of economics at The American University in Cairo. He currently serves as advisor to the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies, and a research associate and thematic co-leader at the Economic Research Forum, a regional think tank focusing on the Middle East, for the theme on macroeconomics of natural resources, structural

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Much Ado about The Egyptian Pound: Exchange Rate Misalignment and The Path Towards Equilibrium

Source: The Egyptian Center for Economic Studies Author(s): Diaa Noureldin Original Link: http://www.eces.org.eg/Publication.aspx?Id=634&Type=10 Summary: This paper estimates Egypt’s equilibrium real exchange rate and exchange rate misalignment based on economic fundamentals over the period 2001Q3-2017Q3. Focusing on the more recent period, we find that the Egyptian pound was undervalued...

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