Coronavirus: Egypt’s Prisons Could Spare Disaster with Conditional Releases

Source: Human Rights Watch |First Published in Middle East Eye Author(s): Amr Magdi Original Link: In a country like Egypt where basic rights are severely stifled, there are many rights-related ramifications during a public health crisis. One of the most urgent is the impact on vulnerable...

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How Far Will Sisi’s Government Go to Crush Protests?

Source: Human Rights Watch Author(s): Amr Magdi Original Link: Time and again, Egyptian security forces have responded to peaceful protests with harsh oppression. Rare public protests this weekend were met with tear gas, the firing of live bullets, and mass arrests. Lawyers in Cairo talk of hundreds of...

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US Release of Military Aid to Egypt Sends Signal

Source: Human Rights Watch Author(s): Amr Magdi Original Link: This week, the Trump administration restored US$195 million in military aid to Egypt despite an intensifying crackdown on human rights by the Egyptian authorities. The decision to reinstate the funds adds insult to injury for the human rights defenders...

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