Dimensions of Egypt Stock Exchange Collapse in Sept.

Source: Egyptian Institute for Studies Author(s): Ahmed Hafez Original Link:  https://en.eipss-eg.org/dimensions-of-egypt-stock-exchange-collapse-in-sept/ The Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) went through difficult sessions of stock market decline during the final week of September 2019, which was described as the second largest decline in the history of the Egyptian Stock Exchange. Most sessions...

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Crisis of Egypt’s Cement Sector

Source: Egyptian Institute for Studies Author(s): Ahmed Hafez Original Link: https://en.eipss-eg.org/crisis-of-egypts-cement-sector/ Egypt ranks 14 on the list of the cement producing countries with a production volume of about 60 million tons per year. In early 2016, the government put to bid, through the Industrial Development Authority (IDA), 14 cement licenses which were won...

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