Aldo Liga

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Aldo Liga is Research Fellow for the MENA Centre at ISPI. He holds a Bachelor’s in Political Sciences from the “Cesare Alfieri” (University of Florence) and a Master’s in International Security from Sciences Po Paris. Since 2016, he has worked as freelance analyst, providing for policy analysis and research consultancies on mixed migration from Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and North Africa and on the geopolitics of the MENA region for a wide range of actors (public institutions, think-tanks, and NGOs).

Prior to joining ISPI, he worked as Innovation for Economic Development Desk Manager at the Italian Trade Agency in Paris and as Field Manager for IMPACT Initiatives, undertaking assessments, monitoring & evaluation and research activities on mixed migration from the North of Africa to Italy and Spain. He also worked for the European Commision (international development and cooperation in the field of renewables and climate change) and for the French utility ENGIE. 

Aldo’s research interests include crises and conflicts in the MENA region, hybrid governance and the role of non-state actors (NSAs), and mixed migration flows through the Mediterranean.



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