What Shapes Radical Youth’s Decision to Take up Arms in Egypt?

Source: Italian Institute for International Political Studies

Author(s): Georges Fahmi and Nouran Ahmed

Original Link: https://www.ispionline.it/en/pubblicazione/what-shapes-radical-youths-decision-take-arms-egypt-31605

On the 3rd of July 2013, the Egyptian military, supported by a large part of the Egyptian population as well as the judiciary, political opposition, and prominent religious representatives, ended the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood after only one year in power. Supporters of the Muslims Brothers refused this decision and insisted they would remain in the streets to protest these measures. However, after 40 days, the Egyptian security forces intervened and ended these sit-ins in Cairo and Giza. Feeling angry, humiliated, and defeated, some of these youngsters would leave these sit-ins to establish and/or join violent groups, while others would not. How to explain these different attitudes? Why have some youngsters decided to take up arms, while others decided not to?

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