Egypt’s Digital Foreign Policy

Source: The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy

Author(s): Joey Shea

Original Link:

In June 2020, at least 13 websites affiliated with the Ethiopian government were hacked and defaced. The targets were diverse, from seemingly innocuous sites such as Ethiopia’s Educational Evolution Office, the Statistics Centre, and the National Lottery Administration, to more sensitive targets like the Police Commission and Ethiopia’s Official Government Gazette. The “Cyber Horus Group,” as the hackers called themselves, left nationalistic messages with pharaonic-themed inscriptions and music. The group wrote on the hacked pages: “If the river’s level drop, let all the Pharaoh’s soldiers hurry and return only after the liberation of the Nile.” They warned, “engaging with Egypt in a war may cost you more than the lives of an Ethiopian people,” and ended with the hashtags “#God_Bless_Egypt” and “#God_Bless_Egyptian_president.”

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