Luciano Zaccara

Luciano Zaccara is Research Assistant Professor in Gulf Politics at the Qatar University Gulf Studies Center. 

Dr. Luciano Zaccara joined the Gulf Studies Center on Fall Semester, 2014. He ‎holds a Ph.D. in Arab and Islamic Studies from Autónoma University of Madrid and a BA ın Political Science from the National University of Rosarıo, Argentına. He was Visiting Assistant Professor at Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service in Qatar, between 2013 and 2014. He is also the director of the OPEMAM-Observatory on Politics and Elections in the ‎Muslim and Arab World based in Spain. Since 2009 he ıs an Honorary Research Fellow at the Institute of Arab and Islamic ‎Studies, Exeter Unıversıty. He has published extensively on Iranian politics in English and Spanish languages, and he is interviewed regularly by Spanish speaking media on Middle East politics.


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