Generalissimo Sisi

Source: Carnegie

Author(s): Maged Mansour

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On February 3, Egyptian parliamentarians from Tahya Misr (“Support Egypt”), a coalition supporting President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi that comprises one-fifth of parliament, submitted a proposal to amend the Egyptian constitution. Two days later, the General Committee accepted the proposed amendments, a preliminary step that opens the way for a parliamentary debate. The twelve amendments and nine new articles are likely to pass, as only a simple majority is needed to approve a constitutional amendment, and according to Speaker of the House Ali Abdul Aal, two-thirds of the parliament already endorses them.

As expected, the proposed amendments include a change to Article 140 to extend presidential terms from four to six years and a new clause allowing the current president to run for an additional two terms. If passed, the amendments would allow President Sisi to remain in power until 2034.

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