Double-Standard Human Rights

Source: Carnegie Endowment

Author(s): Perry Cammack

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Donald Trump has tweeted the phrase “human rights” four times as president. Each instance came during a three-day period beginning on New Years’ Eve 2017 (hereherehere, and here), and each targeted Iran.

The Trump administration’s attacks on Iran’s human rights record didn’t end there. Last May, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, noting that “America stands with the people of Iran,” levied a new series of sanctions against Iranian security leaders for human rights abuses and censorship. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo frequently highlights Iranian human rights abuses, culminating in a July 22 speech titled “Supporting Iranian Voices.” Indeed, the Trump administration has chosen to fixate on Iranian human rights abuses as a central pillar in its campaign against the Islamic Republic. But singling out Iran while turning a blind eye to worse abuses elsewhere risks doing real damage.

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