Raising the Stakes: Implications of a Second Sisi Term

Source: The Tahrir Institute

Author(S): TIMEP

Original Link: https://timep.org/special-reports/raising-the-stakes-implications-of-a-second-sisi-term/


Egypt’s 2018 presidential elections offer little illusion of any outcome than incumbent Abdel-Fattah el Sisi’s certain reelection to a second term; any expectation for free and fair elections was lost after four years of unprecedented constriction of space for political organization, culminating with the elimination of any credible challenger to his rule. Even, theoretically, competitive elections could only produce this same result, not necessarily because of Sisi’s popularity but because under the umbrella of a war on terror, he has closed public space, passed broad legislation that facilitated the prosecution and imprisonment of thousands of political opponents, and tightened his grasp on state institutions.

At stake in this election is not only the current state of the country, but the next four years under Sisi’s approach to domestic governance and international relations. Understanding these implications requires understanding how we reached this stage: Sisi came with the promise of security, ending extremism, protecting minorities, and improving the economy….

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