The Battle Over Appointing Judges in Egypt

Source: Carnegie

Author (s): Yussef Auf

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Since April 27, 2017 when the passage of Law 13 of 2017 introduced sweeping changes to how the heads of judicial bodies in Egypt are chosen, Some Egyptian judges have challenged what they see as an attempt to control the judiciary. The law granted the president of the republic a discretionary power for selecting, without review, the chief justices of the judiciary, revoking the neutral clear criterion of seniority which has been in place for decades. The appeal against the law itself went to the Supreme Constitutional Court on November 27, 2017, which will start hearing the case on February  17, 2018. Although the Egyptian judiciary is in dire need of reform, neither judges nor civil society support these changes to the longstanding principle of seniority.

The Egyptian judiciary is multi-jurisdictional, meaning that the judicial branch is comprised of multiple bodies independent from one another, each with its own jurisdiction and powers. The constitutional judiciary, represented by the Supreme Constitutional Court, exclusively addresses constitutional cases…

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