On Rashid, Egypt’s Latest Mediterranean Tragedy

Source: The Tahrir Institute For Middle East Policy
Author(s): Tom Rollins

Original Link: https://timep.org/commentary/on-rashid-egypts-latest-mediterranean-tragedy/

September 21, 2016: A boat has sunk off the coast of Rashid in northern Egypt. Hundreds of people—grieving friends and family, concerned local residents—stand by the water, looking out to sea, waiting for a boat to return with news, or worse. Hundreds are feared dead.

Rarely are migrant tragedies so visible, so documented, so human.


This week marks one month since the Rashid migrant tragedy off Egypt’s Mediterranean coast left hundreds dead or missing.

Egypt is not new to major incidents in the Mediterranean, although they have often taken place far out at sea, away from view. In June, more than 300 people drowned off Crete, some of them refugees and migrants who reportedly first began their journey from Egypt’s north coast. In September 2014, up to 500 people died off the coast of Malta when smugglers deliberately sank a boat that had originally set off from Egypt…

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