Standing in Agreement: Egypt’s Parliament Risks Becoming Rubber Stamp

Source: The Tahrir Institute For Middle East Policy
Author(s): Brad Youngblood

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A lack of quorum had already forced Egypt’s parliament to recess for 30 minutes when Speaker Ali Abdel ‘Al decided to call for two successive votes by show of hands and two more votes via standing in agreement. The absence of a live feed of the session hid the absurdity of Abdel ‘Al and his lieutenants determining the outcome of votes in a sea of hands, sometimes two to an MP. The entire process was reported to have taken 15 minutes in total. The word “reports” is key because, like a majority of the laws passed by the parliament after March, no formal record exists for the vote in question. It was around the end of March when Abdel ‘Al unofficially decided to eschew the electronic voting system, though this was hardly his first move against greater transparency….

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