Egypt’s Botched Revolution: Absolutism and the Infelicitous Role of External Actors

Source: Finnish Institute Of International Affairs (Fiia)
Author(s): Wolfgang Mühlberger

Original Link:


Egypt’s political transition entered a new phase with the military coup in mid-2013: pluralistic tendencies have been systematically uprooted and the Egyptian armed forces have positioned themselves as a determining political force.

Several external actors, driven by a diverse set of interests, have a stake in this process. The EU tries to accommodate its own ideals of open societies with emerging threat perceptions. The US position is dominated by hard security considerations based on military cooperation with Egypt. The Gulf monarchies, on the other hand, need a firewall against non-authoritarian political systems and the Muslim Brotherhood alike.

Since the military coup, a patriotic discourse on foreign interests weakening the nation rose to the fore, fully embraced by Egypt’s mainstream media and shaping public perceptions of external influences….

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