What the Economic Conference Got Right, and Wrong, in Sharm el-Sheikh: The Scorecard

Source: The Tahrir Institute For Middle East Policy
Author(s): Mohamed El Dahshan

Original Link: https://timep.org/special-reports/what-the-economic-conference-got-right-and-wrong-in-sharm-el-sheikh-the-scorecard/

“Today is not the time for criticizing. Today is the time for cheerleading. Tomorrow, we criticize,” said my venture capitalist friend, responding to my skeptical comments after we attended the presentation for the Capital Cairo project the government wishes to build, at a cost of $45 billion. The desperate need for optimism took away their critical capacities, as many attendees at the Egypt Economic Development Conference left no room whatsoever for even a healthy skepticism. One speaker took the cheerleading very much to heart, shouting “Go Egypt!” repeatedly from the stage, his fist pumped, asking the audience to follow.

Most did.

But after the conference excitement calmed down, sending everyone back to real life after three days in a secluded conference room by the Red Sea basking in the spring sun, taking a step back and evaluating the conference with a clear mind is in order….

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