Can the Egyptian Military and Tribal Militias Curb Islamic State in Sinai Province’s Eleven-Year Insurgency?

Source: The Jamestown Foundation

Author(s): Jacob Lees Weiss

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On May 7, days after Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi claimed terrorism was on the brink of eradication in Sinai, Islamic State in Sinai Province (ISSP) carried out the largest terrorist attack in Egypt since July 2020 (Masrawy, April 26). ISSP militants killed eleven Egyptian soldiers and wounded at least five others at a military checkpoint near a water pumping facility in Ismaili province (Egyptian Army, May 7). While ISSP capabilities in Sinai have decreased over recent years amid tribal militia and military operations, the attack highlights the unrealistic nature of al-Sisi’s claims.

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