Military Classism: Disparity of resources bet. Military Fund & Doctors Fund

Source: Egyptian Institute for Studies

Author(s): Abbas Qabbari

Original Link:

This paper seeks to monitor what can be called Symbiotic Services Funds to which the Egyptian regime has resorted excessively since 2013, where the government has established dozens of funds according to official laws or decisions. The study also shows how far these funds depend on a policy of collection through imposition of new taxes and fees.

The paper addresses and compares two models of these symbiotic funds: First, the Fund for Honoring the Martyrs, Victims, Missing and Injured of War, Security Operations and Terror Attacks, and Their Families[1]; Second, the Medical Professions Risks Compensation Fund[2].

The study also highlights an important aspect of the legislative policies adopted by the Egyptian regime since the military coup of 2013, pursuing a legislative path that operates according to discriminatory standards that has created a new military classism in which the military class enjoys great advantages and spacious work mechanisms, serving its personnel and their families while the state is stingy to provide such advantages for other groups of society.

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