Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood: Old Problems and New Divisions

Source: Arab Center Washington DC

Author(s): Khalil al-Anani

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Since its removal from power in 2013, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt continues to face many problems and challenges. Having always prided itself on being the most cohesive, disciplined, and united Islamist movement, the group now suffers from profound divisions and disagreements as a result of the conflict with the Egyptian regime and an internal struggle for power. For several weeks now, the group has been experiencing a rift and major disagreement at the highest level of leadership resulting from a dispute between two key leaders in the movement: Ibrahim Mounir, the acting leader of the Brotherhood, and Mahmoud Hussein, the former secretary general who controls the Brotherhood’s finances and media. The ongoing conflict and divisions raise many questions about the Brotherhood’s future and its ability to remain cohesive and united, particularly with the severe repression and exclusion it faces domestically and regionally.

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