Impact of Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on Egypt’s National Security

Source: Egyptian Institute for Studies

Author(s): Dr. Tarek Abboud

Original Link:

The Egyptian people, state, and institutions have recently been preoccupied with the developments of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) due to the significance of the Nile River to Egyptians.

The Nile River is considered the lifeblood of Egypt and its population, which now exceed one hundred million people. Therefore, any restriction on the Egyptians’ share of the Nile water will constitute a threat to Egypt’s national security, on the economic and social levels, through the political and military levels, and not ending with Egypt’s reputation, civilization and history as a leading regional country, with respect to culture and leadership of liberation movements.

This paper highlights the importance of the Nile River for the Egyptian national security and the role of regional and international countries in fueling the dispute between the Nile Basin countries, particularly Israel. It also suggests why the United States stands by Ethiopia in this conflict, and addresses the role entrusted to the UN Security Council in bringing the views of the conflicting countries closer, in addition to discussing Egypt’s military options in undermining this dangerous project.

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