Egypt: Poverty and Imbalances of Income and Wealth Distribution

Source: Egyptian Institute for Studies

Author(s): Wessam Fauad

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Among the most prominent indicators cited by international think tanks regarding the state of inequality[1], are the data disseminated by the World Inequality Database (WID). In 2019, according to WID, 1% of the highest-income Egyptians received 19% of the total national income, while the 50% of the lowest-income Egyptians received only 17.2%. Also, the top-income 10% of Egyptians received 48.7% of the total national income, which means that only one million Egyptians received a higher percentage of the national income than that received by 50 million Egyptians. Given that the top-income 10% of Egyptians obtained about 50% of the total national income, this means that 90 million Egyptians (90% of the population) received only 50% of the country’s national income, while the other 50% went to only 10 million Egyptians (10% of the population).

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