Doubts Surround Egypt’s Draft National Human Rights Strategy

Source: Arab Center Washington DC

Author(s): Charles W. Dunne

Original Link:

Long hounded by international criticism of its deteriorating human rights record, the government of Egypt is preparing to respond by launching a new national human rights strategy. The strategy appears to be aimed not so much at improving the regime’s record and practices; instead, it is designed to shield the regime from both domestic and foreign criticism while imposing new limits on the freedoms Egyptians can hope to enjoy.

At the same time, several independent Egyptian rights organizations have launched a campaign that shows what real improvements would require. They have urged both domestic and international parties to use their ideas as a starting point for any serious discussion with the government of Egypt. The United States, among others, should take the opportunity to use these vital benchmarks to launch a genuine dialogue with the regime about what must be done to improve human rights conditions in the country.

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