Egypt-Turkey rapprochement from a ‘mutual interests’ perspective

Source: Egyptian Institute for Studies

Author(s): Dalia El-Agami

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The Egyptian -Turkish relations have witnessed several political tensions over the last seven years, since the July 3 coup d’etat in 2013, due to Turkey’s in-principle rejection of military coups. However, these tensions have not affected the economic relations between the two countries, as the trade volume between them was not much affected, but it has even increased significantly during the last four years.

This paper will study the impact of various economic factors such as exports, investment and manufacturing, in addition to tourism activity, on the Turkish-Egyptian rapprochement.

The paper will also address the possibility of Egypt becoming a gateway for Turkish exports to the African continent, in addition to the maritime border demarcation crisis in East Mediterranean, in light of regional competition over the natural gas wealth in the region.

The paper will attempt to discuss the mutual economic interests between the two countries, each party’s view of them, and the extent of their impact on accelerating rapprochement between them, in attempt to answer a main question: Do mutual economic interests really represent an effective driving force towards rapprochement between Turkey and Egypt?

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