Turkish-Egyptian Reconciliation: Statements and Responses

Source: Egyptian Institute for Studies

Author(s): Research & Studies Unit

Original Link: https://en.eipss-eg.org/turkish-egyptian-reconciliation-statements-and-responses/

Over the past few days, senior officials in the Turkish administration issued positive statements indicating likeliness of restoration of normal Turkish-Egyptian relations that has witnessed a significant deterioration since the July 3, 2013 coup in Egypt. Despite the fact that political relations between the two countries have been strained since July 3, 2013 due to Turkey’s rejection of the military coup that was led by then Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi against the elected civilian President Dr. Mohamed Morsi, however, all forms of economic relations have continued between Ankara and Cairo. Rather, the volume of trade between the two countries has increased than ever before.

Such statements by Turkish officials, on working to improve relations with Egypt, were not the first of their kind, but this time, the new thing is that some of these statements were made by senior Turkish officials.

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