Egypt Real Estate Registration Crisis – Policies & Scenarios

Source: Egyptian Institute for Studies

Author(s): Omar Khalaf

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Last August, Egypt’s House of Representatives passed a draft law submitted by the government, later Law No. 186 of 2020, amending some provisions of Law No.114 of 1946 regarding immovable registry regulation, by adding a new article, No. (35 bis), to the law stipulating that:

“If the deed of the application is a final judgment that proves the creation, transfer, determination, change, or extinction of the original real estate right in rem, the office secretary should give the application a temporary number, in a specific register prepared for each such number, after payment of the prescribed fee. The temporary number shall be converted to a final number, having the same implications of the declared or recorded document, when no to the judgment appeal has been filed or where the appeal has been rejected. An appeal on the issuance of the temporary number shall be filed before the summary judge, within one month from the date of its publication in one of the widespread daily newspapers at the expense of the concerned person. The summary judge shall issue a reasoned judgment by accepting the appeal and canceling the issuance of the number or by rejecting the appeal within seven days from the date of filing accompanied by the supporting documents. The judgment issued in this regard shall be final. Electricity, water, and gas companies and other companies, agencies, ministries, and government departments shall not transfer facilities and services or take any action with the concerned person in respect of the property except after submitting the documents that hold the announcement or registration number.”

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