Ten Years Later: Reflections on Egypt’s 2011 Uprising

Source: Arab Center Washington DC

Author(s): Khalil al-Anani

Original Link: http://arabcenterdc.org/policy_analyses/ten-years-later-reflections-on-egypts-2011-uprising/

Ten years have passed since the January 25, 2011 uprising that toppled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Although the revolution failed to establish a free, fair, and democratic state for all Egyptians, many of those who participated in the protests still have pride in what they consider to be a historic achievement. Over the course of the past few weeks, the hashtag #Jan25 has been circulating across social media accounts of Egyptian youth and political activists who participated in the revolution that overthrew the Mubarak regime in 18 days. But on the 10th anniversary of the revolution, many questions remain unanswered. Among the most prominent are: who is responsible for the failure of the revolution? Was this failure inevitable? These questions require a thorough reflection on the outcomes of the Egyptian revolution that once deeply inspired many across the globe.

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