Shifting Dynamics of Libyan – Egyptian Relationship: Calculations and Motives

Source: Doha Institute

Author(s): Unit for Politial Studies

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In the first step of its kind since mid-2014, an official Egyptian delegation arrived in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, on Sunday 27 December 2020. The delegation included Deputy Head of General Intelligence Ayman Badie, Ambassador Muhammad Abu Bakr, in-charge of the Libyan file at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and diplomatic and security personnel from the ministries of foreign affairs, interior and defense.[1] The Egyptian delegation’s talks with officials in the Government of National Accord focused, according to available reports, on activating joint economic agreements, resuming flights between the two capitals, and reopening the Egyptian embassy in Tripoli. [2] The resumption of communications between the two parties after nearly six years of estrangement prompts a number of questions on the motives of the visit, and its contexts, goals and repercussions on the Libyan political and military scene.

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