Recycling pro-regime political elite in Egypt

Source: Egyptian Institute for Studies

Author(s): Wessam Fauad

Original Link:

The political elite loyal to the ruling regime in Egypt can be divided into four sub-divisions, namely:

1- The “decision-making elite”: which includes the loyal political elite responsible for making the state’s public policies;

2- The “backing elite”: which includes the military and security institutions that are used by the 3 July authority (regime after military coup) to terrorize the political elites that are not loyal to the regime;

3- The “executive elite”: which includes a small number of bureaucracy and security services, and a wide range of members of various judicial bodies;

4- The “stimulus elite”: which is a marginal sector of the loyal political elite whose role is provision of exaggerated display of loyalty to the authority, and drawing attention to them, in order to shed light on their statements with the aim of (falsely) suggesting that the regime enjoys a high degree of popular support.

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