Power Rivalry in the Horn: Egypt’s View of Ethiopia’s Tigrayan Woes

Source: Italian Institute for International Political Studies

Author(s): Giuseppe Dentice

Original Link: https://www.ispionline.it/en/pubblicazione/power-rivalry-horn-egypts-view-ethiopias-tigrayan-woes-28613

“We need to look beyond our immediate issues such as Eritrea, Somalia, and the problems of the two Sudans. Those [are] issues we can handle […]. We face two strategic adversaries. One[1] is Egypt.” To make sense of the relationship between Ethiopia and Egypt, Alex de Waal’s long conversations with Ethiopia’s late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi comes in handy. When asked about what his greatest fear was, in one of them Meles had no doubt that it was Egypt and its ambition for dominance in the region

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